The Oasi Zegna Ski Racing Centre is a place that actively promotes the development of new talents in winter sports in the Biella region. The Bielmonte Oasi Zegna Ski Club is the ultimate expression of this philosophy, bringing together athletes and young people eager to venture into the world of competitive racing.

Ski Racing Center
A breeding ground of young champions

Daily training with experienced coaches

Young skiers have the opportunity to train daily on the Bielmonte slopes, following a supervised sports course that offers the opportunity to participate in competitions at provincial, regional and national level.

Under the guidance of Paolo Colombo and the expert coaches of the Ski Club, the activity is designed to be accessible to all those who wish to approach skiing or competitive skiing. The Ski Club headquarters, located in Bielmonte next to the ski school, is easily accessible to athletes and parents.

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Ski Racing Center


A single contact person from arrival to departure, workouts included.

Ski Racing Center

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