The brand of elegance and uniqueness.

Lively, glamorous, unique. San Martino2 is the ultimate destination for those who never refuse the opportunity to experience an exclusive shopping experience. It is the shopping centre where style and elegance are pursued every day; a unique dimension where you can unwind and be captivated by clothes from the best brands: here even the most discerning shoppers can fulfil their desires.

The over 80 shops, that are sure to capture the imagination, guarantee a diverse, meticulously curated and highlevel shopping offer. The restaurants cater for all diets and tastes and offer an opportunity to indulge in an enjoyable experience.

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The enduring passion of champions.

Founded in 1939, Nordica is a brand created for those who have an enduring and boundless passion for skiing, who make every run one to remember, and who want to safeguard and pass down their love of sport to future generations. It is an Italian brand specialized in developing products for winter sports, which accompanies champions through their most difficult challenges.

Nordica encapsulates the passion for mountains in all its nuances: the thrill of the journey, the exhilaration of the ascent, the sense of freedom at the summit, and the awe of reaching places beyond our wildest imagination.


Quality that knows how to evolve.

Creativity, innovation, craftsmanship. Marcolin is a world leader in the eyewear industry, which makes talent the key to evolution. Growing, improving, reinventing: Marcolin, which has been designing and producing sunglasses and eyeglasses for the most prestigious brands in the sector for over sixty years, thrives in the dimension of dynamism, where potential and success are created.

In the continuous quest for change, the brand attains excellence. Combining technological development and great manufacturing expertise, it creates unique and durable products that improve people’s lives.

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The lightest water in Europe.

Acqua Lauretana is a 100% natural product. It originates in the hydrogeological zone of the Monte Rosa glacier, over 1000 metres above sea level, in an area without industrial and agricultural establishments. An authentic gift of the Alpine peaks, it descends from the mountains, crossing an ancient underground granite bed that safeguards its purity and maintains its extraordinary characteristics.
A symbol of Italian-made excellence in the world stage, Lauretana is the lightest water in Europe with only 14 mg/l of fixed residue. Thanks to its purity and the low mineral content, it is perfect for those who embrace a healthy lifestyle, ranging from families to sportsmen.


The reliability of digital.

Banca Sella S.p.A. is the commercial bank of Sella Group.
Recognized in the industry for its excellence in system innovation
payment, e-commerce and private banking, Bank Sella S.p.A. is the commercial bank of the Group of the same name. The reliability of digital solutions is its main strength.

Founded in 1886 in Biella, today it has around 300 branches throughout the country, bringing together under a single name the banks of the group created for reach the national territory widely. At the base of its long tradition of service and openness to needs, there is the ability to renew itself and constantly innovate to offer quality solutions

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