In Bielmonte, the FIS Giant Slalom Lauretana Trophy Race

Slalom Lauretana Trophy Race on the Moncerchio slope.

Many enthusiasts have arrived in Bielmonte to watch the competition, which features the participation of European professionals. Among the participants are the Italian FISI Team B male athletes:

  • Alessandro Pizio;
  • Tommaso Saccardi;
  • Davide Seppi;
  • Manuel Ploner;
  • Max Perathoner;
  • Federico Scussel.

The FISI Team C male athletes are there too:

  • Lorenzo Bini;
  • Andrea Bertoldini;
  • Pietro Motterlini;
  • Federico Romele;
  • Leonardo Rigamonti.

Good luck guys and a special thanks to our sponsor Acqua Lauretana.